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Advice for strong and healthy hair

It is advisable that you wash your hair with cool water. Hot water makes the cuticles open and the hairs become prone to damage. Thus, if you can’t stand cool water, after you are done with your procedures, rinse with as cold water as possible.

Apply the conditioner and the mask from the middle part of the hair towards the ends in order to avoid fast greasing of the hair. The ends are much more damaged through the years and they need conditioning more than the roots, which are naturally lubricated by the sebum (natural grease coming from the sebaceous gland).

Change your shampoo and conditioner often, because different products have different chemicals and hair also needs diversity. The continuous use of one and the same conditioner leads to “addiction” of the hair to the same ingredients. This makes it weak and when the product is changed, there is a chance that dandruff may appear.

Ask your hair what shampoo to chose. There are many advices for hair, which tell you what precisely you should get for yours, but in reality no one but you knows the “temper” of your hair. If it “suffers”, it seems dry or too greasy, entangled or without volume, then this is definitely not your product. Try out different shampoos and conditioners and if after washing, conditioning and drying you like it so the mission is completed.

The massage of the scalp is as important for the stimulation of hair growth, as it is pleasant. Every hair bulb has a muscle attached to it to raise the hair and miniature blood vessels. With the massage you “exercise” the muscles and it becomes more stable and stimulates blood circulation.

The sun and its UV lights are a bad friend of the hair and the skin. In order to protect your hair from the bad effect of the sun, you can apply almond, walnut or whatever oil beneficial for the hair, before you go to the beach. Water does not stick to greasy surfaces and in this way you avoid the effect of the magnifying glass from the water and the salt and the hair remains protected and at the same time conditioned.

Put a few drops of almond or walnut oil in your hair dye. They reach the center of the hair and take the edge off the damaging effect of the dye.

Do not use henna if you have treated your hair with chemicals. The henna is a natural product and it is not compatible with chemicals. The results are unpredictable.

Use a pressing comb or curling iron as rarely as possible, as this is one of the most aggressive procedures for hairstyling. If you need to use it often despite this, it is advisable that you use a preparation cream, which will form a thin protective layer on your hair.

Use the pressing comb on a very dry hair. As you know, water boils at 90 C and the pressing comb reaches 200. As the comb passes slowly through the hair, the miniature drops boil and as the hair dries, the cuticles close and a balloon appears on the place of the drop where the hair afterwards breaks.

Do not use oily products which are not absorbed by the hair, but stay on its surface immediately before the pressing iron, because grease reaches high temperatures fast and it will literally “fry” your hair.

Clean the pressing comb with alcohol before every use, because the burned residue which appears on the pressing surfaces burns and damages the hair additionally.

Do not underestimate hairspray. It serves not only for styling your hair but it has other applications as well. If your leather chair or couch has just been stained with hair dye or ink, spray the stain generously and wait for a few minutes and then rinse you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Christmas is a great holiday but the needles from the Christmas tree leave a memory, which is not very pleasant, for the housekeeper. In order to prolong the life of the beautiful branches, use some hairspray on them. Thus the moisture is kept inside longer and you will enjoy the needles on the tree, not on the ground.