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Hairdressing studio La Strega

“When work brings you pleasure – you are not working, you are having fun!” This is the motto under which years of work and diligence have passed, so that we can be here today. Studio La Strega opened its doors for clients in 2002. Throughout all these years we gathered experience and from insecure “toddlers” we managed to find our feet. We developed to our present level. The results we achieved give us the confidence to keep improving our service and introduce the novelties in the profession. And all this in favor of the client. Which, however, does not at all means that we plan on stopping here.

The salon is small and chic and it charges you only with positive emotions. We don’t have a long and turbulent history, but we do have our loyal clients and we strive to take care of them and turn them into our friends. Our efforts are directed at keeping the attention of each one of our clients, because you are all important to us.

We are happy because in this world of competition we work with good and kind people, who turn our work into pleasure. Throughout the years studio “La Strega” turned its attention towards care and keeping the hair looking perfect. The care for the hair of our clients is expressed in diagnostics, consults and many kinds of masks and stimulation of hair growth, because beautiful hair is a sign of good health and self esteem and this is precisely what we aim to make you feel.
You are welcome to visit us, so that we can pamper you and relieve the tension from your everyday life.

Opening the salon wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Krastyu and Margarita Zhelkovi and Vladimir Yanachkov